Jan Brewer Stresses Importance of Reading to Lawmakers With Sing-a-Long Featuring Kermit the Frog Knock-Off

Governor Jan Brewer's posted a video on her Facebook page mocking lawmakers who have criticized Arizona's controversial, new immigration law but haven't actually read it -- namely U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano.

The video features a Kermit the Frog impostor in a Sesame Street-esque sing-a-long reminding lawmakers -- or "kids" as they're referred in the video -- how "super swell" reading is.

Check out the video after the jump.

On Monday, Napolitano said during a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing that despite criticizing Arizona's new law, she hasn't actually read it.

"I have not reviewed it in detail. I certainly know of it," Napolitano said when asked by Senator John McCain whether she had read the bill.

Holder made a similar admission last Thursday before the House Judiciary Committee.

Holder told lawmakers he had only "glanced" at the bill but would read it before determining whether it's constitutional.

We're not entirely sure if the video is a product of Brewer's campaign, or just something it dug up and decided to share with Jan's Facebook "friends."

We called Brewer's campaign spokesman, David Cole, to get some clarification on whether this was an official campaign video but he hasn't gotten back to us yet.

Either way, it's mildly amusing and incredibly matronizing. Check it out below.

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