Jan Brewer's a Candidate for the TIME "100" List, and Currently Ahead of President Obama

If you think annual lists by TIME magazine are still relevant, get a load of this -- Governor Jan Brewer's being considered for the mag's "100" list of influential people, and according to its reader poll, she's doing better than President Obama.

According to TIME's website, only the number one vote-getter in the online poll is assured a spot in the magazine's final list of 100 people, but one of the world's most famous finger-waggers is currently in 13th place.

Brewer's ahead of President Obama (and the First Lady), Tim Tebow, Oprah, Stephen Colbert, and about 180 other people.

Brewer doesn't seem to have a shot at climbing into the upper echelon of the poll, as she's behind people (or groups) like Ron Paul, Anonymous, and the current leader, Reddit General Manager Erik Martin, by quite a bit.

Still -- 13th for Brewer? For what?

TIME has an explanation for Brewer's placement on the list:

Age: 67
Occupation: Arizona governor

Under the leadership of Republican Brewer, Arizona has faced off with the federal government like no other state in recent memory. Amid accusations that the Obama Administration failed to protect Arizona from illegal immigration, Brewer championed a strict legislative crackdown that the Administration will challenge this year in the Supreme Court. Brewer has criticized President Obama for blocking uranium mining near the Grand Canyon and was photographed having an intense exchange with Obama on the tarmac at Phoenix's airport in January.

Yeah, it's the finger.

You can vote that any of the 200 candidates should "definitely" or "no way" be on the list, and Brewer currently has 15,374 "ayes" and 9,689 "nays."

The "nays" don't seem to go against a candidate, since Syrian President Bashar Assad has more nos than yeses, and is still just a few spots behind Brewer.

Jessica Simpson's currently holding up the rear of the online voting.

You can find TIME's candidates and poll for this year's "100" list by clicking here.

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