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Jan Brewer's Anti-DREAM Stance on Blast in New Dennis Gilman Video

Gilman skewers Brewer in his latest effort

See also: Jan Brewer's Order Has "Absolutely No Basis Under State or Federal Law," ACLU Says See also: Governor Jan Brewer to DREAMers: State Laws Bar You from Drivers Licenses, Public Benefits Regardless of Feds' Immigration Policy Shift See also: Obama Blocks DREAMers' Deportations, Outflanks GOP See also: SB 1070 Fuels a Movement of New Voters Democrats and DREAMers should write Governor Jan Brewer a left-handed thank you note for her hateful and illegal executive order blocking DREAM Act students from scoring Arizona driver's licenses. Brewer let drop this bomb after President Barack Obama's deferred action program went into effect last week.

The evening of what I would call Brewer's "shooting Bambi" moment, DREAMers were up at the Capitol, quietly protesting the decision. They had formed a circle in the darkness and, one by one, each of them stood, sharing their stories with the others, and vowing to work even harder to elect pro-DREAM politicians during this election cycle.

Those candidates, almost all of them, happen to be Democrats.

It's not that these young men and women are party loyalists. Far from it. But they have no choice but to back the horse that's not trying to trample them. And as the Dems generally support the DREAM Act (as do three-quarters of Arizona voters), they are the recipients of the DREAMers' intelligence, work ethic, and passion.

DREAMers can't vote. And they can't register others to vote. But they can knock on doors, educate voters and encourage them to vote. Already, as my colleague Monica Alonzo has documented, they are a force to be reckoned with in local politics.

Brewer's action will only spur the DREAMers on to achieve greater political victories, by electing politicians who will not stand in the schoolhouse door, so to speak, and deny them access.

Phoenix videographer Dennis Gilman's latest video above illustrates the how the battle lines have been drawn. Sure, Brewer (again) has earned her moment of infamy, but it will be fleeting, particularly since she's already the lamest of lame ducks.

Ironically, Brewer's spit into the tsunami that will soon engulf her and other hatemonger politicos, and sweep them away like so much foul rubbish.

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