Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer's Back Gets Self-Inflicted Pat-Down During Gov's Third State of the State Address

In case you were wondering why Arizona hasn't fallen further into the depths of economic catastrophe, Governor Jan Brewer's got the answer: Governor Jan Brewer.

This afternoon, in her third State of the State Address (her second since using an immigration bill to get herself elected) Governor Glug-Glug discussed how "Arizona has been saved" from the economic hardships of a few years ago because she "took the helm of a ship I cherished - but it was a ship that was sinking, weighed down by over-spending and expanding bureaucracy - and - quite simply - poor navigation."

With Jan at the helm, "Arizona has been saved" -- according to her, anyway.

Brewer strayed from the anti-immigration rhetoric that swept her into office two years ago, and replaced the claims of headless bodies littering the desert with tough-guy talk about keeping the federal government out of Arizona's business (unless she needs the feds' help in getting rid of a voter-approved medical marijuana law, that is).

See the full text of Brewer's speech after the jump -- it's a riot.

Jan State of State

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