Jan Brewer's Coattails No Good in Georgia -- or Colorado; Two Out-of-State Candidates With Brewer's Endorsement Lose Races

If you're a political candidate considering taking a ride on Jan Brewer's recently acquired, Greta-Van-Susteren-fueled coattails, you may want to reconsider -- two candidates with Brewer's stamp of approval lost their primary elections Tuesday.

Not to say it's Jan's fault they lost, but it seems her super-star status after signing SB 1070 isn't as super as a lot of conservatives thought.

Brewer-approved candidate Karen Handel conceded defeat yesterday in the Georgia gubernatorial primary to her opponent, Nathan Deal, in an extremely close race.

Brewer endorsed Handel in June. At the time of the endorsement, Handel had the following to say about Arizona's un-elected governor:

"I am humbled and excited by Governor Brewer's support," Handel said. "She has become an inspiration to conservatives and represents the new kind of leadership that we need across the country. She stood firm and pushed forward with the nation's toughest law to fight illegal
immigration, and she'll stand firm against the Obama Administration, too. She also made the hard decisions and cut Arizona's budget to align with today's economic realities. She is a conservative hero, and I thank her for her strong support and friendship."

Handel also had the support of the poster girl (is "girl" OK, Vernon Parker?) of the conservative movement, Sarah Palin.

Brewer's other dud in Tuesday's primaries: Jane Norton, a Republican candidate for Senate in Colorado.

When Norton got Brewer's nod of approval last month, she, too, described Jan's politically motivated flick of a pen as heroic.

"Governor Jan Brewer is a hero. She is one of the strongest defenders of our borders and our freedom," said Norton. "She has stood up to the federal government, and she has defended her state. I am honored to have her endorsement."

Unless Jan finds some new piece of earth-shattering legislation on which to jot her name, we have a feeling candidates across the country won't be begging for her tip-of-the-cap now that Florida's stolen some of her thunder.

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