Jan Brewer's Goin' On Vacation -- Not in Mexico, Though

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's had a rough couple of months -- ya know, defending to the national media what is possibly the most controversial piece of legislation to ever come out of Arizona, pimping her one-cent sales-tax increase, and trying to get herself elected governor -- so we found out today that she's taking the week off.

Brewer has no public events scheduled for this week, and her office says the governor plans to take a small vacation between advocating for Prop 100 and running for her first term as an elected governor.

Brewer won't be heading to Rocky Point, like many Arizonans plan to do this weekend, she plans to staycation in Arizona during her first vacay since taking office over a year ago.

Probably a good move, considering Joe Arpaio seems to think Mexican police have been ordered by the Sonoran Tourism Board to hunt down Arizonans the same way he hunts Mexicans like wild dogs.

Right now seems to be the ideal time for Brewer to take a little R&R -- her most-recent poll numbers suggest that she could probably extend this little vacation for the next three months and still win the GOP gubernatorial primary.

According to a Rasmussen poll released last week, Brewer's approval rating is now 85 percent among likely GOP primary voters, and she now holds at least a 27-point lead over each of her primary opponents.

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