Jan Brewer's Moment of Silence Redux. Yup, She "Have Did" it Again

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's most memorable quote isn't a quote at all -- it's about 12 seconds of painfully uncomfortable silence, which the governor recreated Wednesday night in Mesa.

Jan was discussing economic development and education when it happened...again.

"As we limit the growth of the public sector and restrain unnecessary regulation, stimulate the engine of free enterprise (uncomfortably awkward silence sans a guy in the audience coughing for one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, four Mississippi, five Mississippi, six Mississippi, seven Mississippi, eight Mississippi) Well, the Teleprompter went dead," Brewer bumbled as the crowd laughed.

This time, it seems Brewer's boner was caused by faulty technology, not a flatulent brain. But eight uncomfortable seconds to come up "the Teleprompter went dead?" Really? Really?

We suppose it's a little better than well, shucks, the Teleprompter "have did" busted, but not by much. And not giggling like a cheerleader certainly helped things.

See, Jan's most-recent moment of silence, followed by the gov's most-epic moment of silence below.

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