Janet Napolitano's Not Worried About Right-Wing Extremists, She Nurtured Them as Guv

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It's been belly-ticklin' reading all the moonbat paranoia over this recent report on wing-nutbars issued by Janet Napolitano's Department of Homeland Security. Every far right, moonhowlin' Web site out there jumped on this so-not-news, from the wackos at WorldNetDaily and the wannabe-Brahmins of Breitbart.com, to the Moonie-owned Washington Times and the headline-kleptomaniacal DrudgeReport. However, it was San Diego radio nativist Roger Hedgecock, who gets credit for breaking it.

For anyone familiar with the extreme right, the danger of all the angry ofays out there stockpiling their weapons, denouncing the government, and raging against illegal immigrants is a no-brainer. Can anyone say Timothy McVeigh? Sure, the left had the Unabomber, but he killed like, what, three people over a 20 year period? McVeigh murdered 168 in one fell, swoop. The verdict is unanimous: Right-wing loonies with firearms have been far more insane and violent in recent American history. The left hasn't had any really good terrorists since the Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped Patty Hearst.

This DHS warning to law enforcement about how a downturn in the economy, fear of a black Prez, and an inordinate love of semi-automatic firepower could go bad is simply common sense. For Hedgecock, Drudge and all the rest of the fanatical conservacrazies out there fretting about being bird-dogged by the feds, I've got some bad news for 'em. It may be a free country where you can say anything you want, but once you get your umpteenth surface-to-air missle and start sputtering on about armed insurrection and/or ethnic cleansing, here's one self-loathing cracker who hopes someone in law enforcement is paying attention to your honky keister. Not violating your civil rights, mind you. Just watching to see if you're about to go Oklahoma City on us.

Concerning AZ's skunk-coifed former Guv and now DHS's Top Hypocrite in Charge, Janet Napolitano, whom many on the far right are demonizing because of this report, lemme school you on something: Janet Napolitano allowed neo-Nazis, John Birchers and Mexican-bashers to flourish here in Cactus Country when she was our chief exec. In all her time here, as hatred toward brown folk increased exponentially, she never once made a major address speaking out against it.

Unlike Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, Janet never had the ovaries (sorry, Phil) to stand up against Sheriff Joe Arpaio's anti-immigrant sweeps and worksite raids. Why should she? She practically made them happen, for cryin' out loud. She helped get her longtime ally Arpaio obtain a 287(g) agreement and a 160-man force of 287(g)-ers with which to terrorize Hispanics, break the arms of women, drag mothers away from families, and racially profile a whole segment of the population because of their skin color.

During her confirmation hearing in the Senate, she bragged about signing the toughest employer sanctions laws in the nation. The author of that legislation? None other than neo-Nazi hugger, nativist Hispanic-basher and now state Senator Russell Pearce. And during Pearce's run for state Senate last year in the Republican primary, when reporters such as yours truly were after Pearce, exposing his neo-Nazi links and the past allegations of domestic violence, Nappy actually came to Pearce's defense!

I kid you not, she said that campaign should not be focused on Pearce's "personal domestic relations record or whatever it is they're throwing out there." This, for a Republican who even now leaps at every opportunity to excoriate her.

I've told such stories about the Napster till I'm blue in the schnoz. About how she sat on her hands as U.S. Attorney for Arizona during the Border Patrol's now infamous 1997 Chandler Mexican round up. How she cut a deal with Arpaio back in the day, pooh-poohing a federal investigation into his jails in return for his nod when she ran for Guv the first time. And on and on.

Sure, Rachel Maddow may love her, but that's not because the Napster's "L-factor" has anything to do with being left-wing, if you catch my drift. Actually, the nativists should embrace her as the closest thing they have to an advocate in the Obama admin. Truly, the only thing that keeps her from being totally on their side is, well, the fact that Obama hired her.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.