Jared Allen, Minnesota Vikings Defensive Star, Threatens to Break a Guy's Neck at Scottsdale Bar. Yep, Someone Caught It on Video

We can think of several people who -- if we ever bumped into at a bar -- we would go out of our way to not fuck with. Minnesota Vikings defensive superstar Jared Allen is on that list.

A man at a bar in Scottsdale apparently doesn't hold Allen's badass-ness in the same regard as we do and pissed off the 6-foot-6, 270-pound Pro Bowler to the point that he threatened to break the guy's neck.


Allen and his fiancée were at The Grapevine in Scottsdale a few weeks ago when the altercation occurred.

According to TMZ.com, the man "hurled the 4-letter slur" at Allen's fiancée, which prompted Allen to threaten the guy.

"I'll break your fucking neck homeboy ... and then I'll write a check to your fucking name, too," Allen is seen saying on a video you can see here.

We're not sure what that second part even means, but we're not about to question Jared Allen.

There was no further altercation, and police were not involved, but the video of the incident found its way to the Internet, forcing Allen's publicist to respond:

"No matter what, Jared will always protect and defend his family."
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