Jared Loughner Reportedly Posed in G-String -- Glock in Hand -- in Photos Taken Day Before Shooting

Just when we thought the tragic story of Jared Loughner couldn't possibly get any more bizarre, it's now being reported that he took photos of himself in a G-string while holding a gun the day before the incident.

As we reported earlier, the Pima County Sheriff's Department released a timeline of Loughner's actions leading up to Saturday's shooting in Tucson. Included in that timeline is two stops at a Tucson Walgreen's where he had some photos developed.

We're now learning more about those photos and, like every day since the tragedy occurred, we're even more freaked out by this guy than we were yesterday.

According to multiple news outlets, including the New York Times and ABC News, Loughner is seen wearing a red G-string and posing with a Glock.

See ABC's description below:

The photos, presumably shot in a mirror, show Loughner, 22, posing with the same make of gun he allegedly used in the Jan. 8 shooting. In the photos he holds the pistol against his crotch and buttocks while wearing a bright red thong, sources told ABC News.


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