Jarrett Maupin storms the Mayor's office, demands Phil "Goober" Gordon leave Democratic Party

Jarrett Maupin storms the Mayor's office, demands Phil "Goober" Gordon leave Democratic Party

"So Phil's hiding where?" Maupin presents Goober's chief of staff Deb Gullett with paperwork to help hizzoner switch parties...

With a handful of supporters waving signs that read "Phil Gordon: Republican wolf in Democratic clothing," and "Mayor Gordon is a Democrat in Name Only," candidate Jarret Maupin stormed the Mayor's office this afternoon at Phoenix City Hall, demanding that Goober Gordon re-register as a Republican or an Independent after an LA Times story last week in which Goober's support for Republican John McCain for President was reiterated. Maupin, et al. chanted, "Hey-hey, ho-ho, crooked Phil has got to go," on the way to and up the elevator. Once the People's Champ arrived on the 11th floor, the young mayoral contender leveled a withering attack on incumbent Phony Phil:

"We cannot afford to have our top Democratic leadership sell us out -- the grassroots voices and faces of our party," Maupin explained to reporters as Gordon's mayoral staff looked on quizzically. "We must stake a claim for our party, and that is what we are doing. This is the first of many formal actions to have Mayor Gordon removed from the party.

"I'm here today simply with a voter registration form to offer [Gordon] the chance to leave the party peacefully, and register with the party of his choice. After the endorsement of Sheriff Joe, Andrew Thomas, Jim Weiers, and other known adversaries of Democrats, we feel that it's unacceptable that he continue to use our party and the resources of our party for his own political gain. This isn't about being governor. It's about being mayor of Phoenix."

Continued Maupin, "The endorsement of John McCain was the last straw. He is no longer welcome in the Democratic Party, and we intend to run him right out."

Maupin then presented the blank voter registration form to Deb Gullett, Gordon's chief-of-staff, a middle-aged chick with a giant stick up her butt who's married to Wes Gullett, one of Senator McCain's long time pals and advisors. Gullett told Maupin that the Mayor was "away" (uh, probably hiding under a table somewhere), and Maupin quickly retorted that the Mayor always seemed to be away when there was city business to be done.

Jarrett Maupin storms the Mayor's office, demands Phil "Goober" Gordon leave Democratic Party

The People's Champ at the Mayor's office with supporters...

Afterwards, I decided to ask Gullett a couple of Qs, and as you can see from her replies, she's a snotty, stuck-up broad, sort of a cross between Lucienne Goldberg and Leona Helmsley, though that might be giving her way too much credit.

Feathered Bastard: Why does the Mayor support John McCain?

Gullett: There are people here who would be pleased to talk about that, I am not gonna --

FB: You're his chief of staff, aren't you?

Gullett: I'm his chief of staff, he's a long time -- I'm sorry who are you?

FB: Stephen Lemons, I'm with New Times.

Gullett (in a patronizing voice): Oh, you're with the New Times? Good luck to you.

FB: And good luck to you. Do you hang out with the Senator a lot?

Gullett (nose in air): Who I hang out with is none of your business.

FB: You're married to one of the Senator's good pals, right?

Gullett (adopting a regal tone): My husband is Wes Gullett. It's already been reported in your newspaper. That awful story that you wrote today, last week, whatever.

FB: Is the Mayor a registered Democrat?

Gullett: Uh, yes, the Mayor is a registered Democrat.

FB: But he can't vote in Republican primaries, right?

Gullett (turning away): I can't, I can't --

FB: Yeah, of course not, because you're a coward, like everyone else who works for Gordon. Why did he take over $7,000 from RED Development?

Gullett (walking away): Uh, I'm sorry...

Interestingly, Maupin said he had been threatened with arrest if he entered the Mayor's office, and indeed the boys in blue showed up toward the end, as if that threat were a reality. What a frightened little man Goober Gordon is, what a nebbishy, money-grubbing little fool, who needs to hide behind the cops, his mother, Deb Gullett, whoever -- all so he doesn't have to answer questions about his actions. A regular Little Lord Fauntleroy, hizzoner.

Mayoral hopeful and local artist/activist Tim Coomer was also along for the ride. When he challenged Deb Gullett at one point about Goober's stand on Patriots Square Park, she asked, snottily, "And who are you?" (She must ask that a lot.) He replied, "Mayoral candidate Tim Coomer," to which she added, "Oh, so you're running for Mayor, too?"

Later, I saw Coomer skateboarding home, the Marty McFly of the PHX Mayoral race...

The Marty McFly of the Mayoral race, Tim Coomer, who loves stickin' it to the man.

The Mayor and his people are so self-important, so arrogant, so filled with a sense of entitlement, that they seem to think they're royalty instead of public servants. It might be tempting to write off Maupin's stunt today, but I'm hearing from folks high up in the party ranks that local Dems are pissed by Gordon's backing of McCain. And though it may not stop Gordon from being reelected Mayor, it will handicap him in a future run for Governor, when he will need the very party members he's thumbed his nose at with the McCain endorsement.

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