Jasmine Brown, Youth Minister, Admits to Molesting 12-Year-Old Boy at Church Camp

Jasmine Brown -- a 29-year-old youth minister at the Family of God Christian Fellowship in Apache Junction -- and the 12-year-old boy he's accused of molesting, have differing accounts of the abuse -- Brown doesn't deny he molested the boy, he just claims it was consensual.

Unfortunately for Brown, even if he's telling the truth, 12-year-old boys can't legally consent to sex with adults -- and now he's charged with several sex-with-a-kid-related crimes..

Aside from being a youth minister, Brown also is a full-time teacher's aide at Phoenix Collegiate Academy, working with special needs children. He previously worked with the Roosevelt School District.

According to court records obtained by

New Times

, Brown and the victim were at a church camp in July, where the two ended up sleeping in the same bed.

In the middle of the night, the victim later told police, he awoke to Brown massaging his "butt crack." Brown then pulled the boy's pants down and started rubbing his penis against the boy's butt.

The victim says he then left and slept the rest of the night in another room.

The next night, however, the boy ended up back in Brown's bed -- and the abuse continued.

The boy tells police Brown again pulled down his shorts and started massaging his caboose. Then he tried to grab the boy's penis, but the victim stopped the advances before it went any further.

Brown doesn't deny the incidents occurred. When interviewed by police, Brown told detectives that the boy is the one who initiated the gropings by rubbing his butt against Brown's penis. Brown acknowledges he responded to the alleged advances by rubbing his penis against the boy's butt.

Then he masturbated and went to sleep, he tells cops.

The next night, Brown admits, similar events went down, and again ended with him masturbating and falling asleep.

Brown concedes that he's to blame -- even if the boy initiated the contact -- because he could have stopped it at any time.

Brown was booked into jail on three counts of child abuse and two counts of sexual conduct with a minor.

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