J.D. Hayworth Calls John McCain Web Ad "Sophomore Snarkiness;" We Call it Hilarious

John McCain's latest Web ad has created a little controversy, and now his opponent in the GOP primary for Senate, J.D. Hayworth, is speaking out about it.

In case you missed it, the ad is billed as a J.D. Hayworth campaign ad, where he discusses some of the serious problems facing America today -- ya know, President Obama's secret, Kenyan birth place, man/horse nuptials, and the always-pertinent issue of vampires.

It's hilarious. You can check out the whole video here.

The video was actually produced by the McCain campaign, and Hayworth doesn't seem to find it as funny as we do. 

"If it were an entry in a high school video competition, the latest effort from the McCain creative team might merit an honorable mention in the 'Sophomore Snarkiness' division,'" Hayworth says.

Hayworth says he wants to debate McCain on some of the other campaign issues -- namely ones that don't make J.D. look like a jackass -- something he very publicly requested by barging into McCain's campaign headquarters a few months ago. 

"As a diversion by the Senator and his staff to avoid serious debate on his record of higher taxes and amnesty, it won't stick," Hayworth says. "Arizona voters deserve a serious discussion of the issues, and John McCain needs to join me in a series of debates. Otherwise, Arizona conservatives will conclude that all of the tactics of distortion and diversion from the McCain camp simply amount to 'Much Ado About Nothing.'"

Hayworth says McCain is stalling on the debates, but we had a chance to ask "The Maverick" about the status of the debates last week; he assured us that he'll debate Hayworth anywhere, anytime. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.