J.D. Hayworth Calls on John McCain to Oppose Unlikely Hillary Clinton Supreme Court Appointment

Senate hopeful J.D. Hayworth is taking a stand against Senator John McCain's potential support of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's hypothetical nomination to the Supreme Court.

There's only one problem: McCain has never said whether he would support her nomination, and the White House told Politico yesterday, "The president thinks Clinton is doing an excellent job as secretary of state and wants her to remain in that position."

So, the Hillary/ SCOTUS rumors are over, right? Wrong -- Hayworth seemed to miss the memo.

"Any senator willing to even consider giving Hillary Clinton a life-time position to this land's highest court is clearly out of touch with Arizona and the rest of the nation for that matter," Hayworth says. "From Whitewater, to HillaryCare round one to ObamaCare round two to the latest foreign policy disasters, such as our nation's newest non-nuclear protection position and our ever-weakening status in the eyes of the world, she has been an embarrassment."

McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers says Hayoworth's use of a void subject to attack McCain is just the former congressman living up to his reputation.

"Congressman Hayworth is clearly living up to his title as the 'Dumbest Member of Congress' on this one. The Clinton trial balloon was already popped yesterday," Rogers tells New Times.

Hayworth bases his claim that McCain would support the nomination of Clinton on comments  by former McCain adviser Mark McKinnon on CNN last night.

While discussing a possible Clinton nomination, McKinnon told Campbell Brown that "the guy who would have a really tough position would be John McCain, who's down there in a tough re-election battle. But he really likes Hillary, and I know he'd want to vote for her."

We asked Rogers if McCain would support a Clinton nomination in a hypothetical situation, to which he responded "[McCain] is categorically opposed to all hypotheticals."

We were looking more for a "McCain is categorically opposed to all Clintons," but the McCain campaign wasn't going there. 

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