J.D. Hayworth Calls on John McCain to Pull "Sheriffs" TV Ad Because Paul Babeu Appeared on Neo-Nazi Radio Show

If we were running for political office and our chief opponent was airing a TV ad featuring someone who'd appeared on a neo-Nazi radio show, we'd say "go for it, pal!"

The logic being: It will only hurt the oppoient's chances.

But Senate hopeful J.D. Hayworth, with the wording of his statement to the press, appears to want to keep John McCain's campaign on track, advising "The Maverick" to pull a campaign ad featuring Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu -- who recently called in to a white-supremacist radio show  --  to "make it clear that this is not the type of campaigning [McCain] endorses."

Hayworth's press release also says, "McCain's biggest pitch man is on the radio praising the show and calling the host of 'Political Cesspool' a 'great American."

J.D.'s so thoughtful.

Of course, Hayworth isn't actually offering the McCain campaign friendly advice -- he's just using Babeu's blunder to toss egg on the face of the McCain campaign.

Check out the ad below.

Babeu since has said he regrets calling the Tennessee-based, redneck radio show, and his spokesman, Tim Gaffney, took the blame for booking the sheriff on it.

We contacted the McCain campaign to find out if there were any plans to pull the ad. Nobody's gotten back to us yet.

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