J.D. Hayworth Counters Mitt Romney's Endorsement of John McCain by Getting Nod From Anti-Immigration PAC

John McCain picked up a big-time endorsement today from one of his old political foes within the Republican party, while his primary opponent, former Congressman J.D. Hayworth, countered with a big one of his own -- an anti-illegal immigration group.

Surprise, surprise.

Mitt Romney came out in favor of McCain today, despite some very public disagreements the two had when they challenged each other in the 2008 GOP presidential primary and Romney's many ties to Hayworth via-Joe Arpaio and Arizona political flak Jason Rose.

Arpaio served as the honorary chair of Romney's Arizona campaign team in 2008 and used Rose as the director of his Arizona campaign.

Arpaio has since come out in favor of Hayworth, and Rose remains Hayworth's number one cheerleader.

Despite getting no love from the ultra-conservative Romney, Hayworth picked the endorsement of the anti-migrant PAC Americans for Legal Immigration. The group slammed McCain for his stance on Immigration.

"JD Hayworth has taken sides with the 80% of Americans who want our borders secured and our existing immigration laws enforced," William Gheen, president of ALIPAC says in a statement. "By contrast, John McCain has clearly taken sides with the Open Borders Lobby which would wreck this nation by pursuing amnesty, instead of enforcement

"It is clear that anyone in Arizona or any state in America who is concerned about illegal immigration should support JD Hayworth for U.S. Senate."

And the saga continues.

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