J.D. Hayworth Denounces ALIPAC's Accusations That Lindsey Graham's Gay

After our earlier post about ALIPAC founder William Gheen's accusations that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is gay, we got word from J.D. Hayworth's campaign spokesman, who says the campaign does not support the comments made by Gheen.

In case you missed it -- at a speech he gave in South Carolina over the weekend -- Gheen, who very publicly endorsed former Congressman Hayworth, called on Graham to "come out of that log cabin closet," and being gay is "a secret that Lindsey Graham has."

"The campaign strongly repudiates these comments," says Hayworth spokesman Mark Sanders. "We are happy to have the support of all voters in Arizona who understand the need to end this crisis of illegal immigration."

Sanders would not say whether Hayworth would formally disavow the ALIPAC endorsement, as the McCain campaign has been urging him to do since Gheen lent his support to Hayworth last month.

The McCain campaign is using Gheen's latest comments to once again ask Hayworth to disavow the endorsement.

"We appreciate the Hayworth campaign's small step toward sanity, but we're confused: If Congressman Hayworth so 'strongly repudiates' Mr. Gheen's comments, does that mean he'll disavow the endorsement of Mr. Gheen and ALIPAC, and return their $5,000 contribution?" McCain spokesman Brian Rogers says to New Times.

 "Why on Earth would Congressman Hayworth want the support of a man with whom he has such 'strong' disagreements, and the endorsement of his group which has been linked to white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and anti-Semites?" Rogers asks. "That's the real test for Congressman Hayworth -- will he match his words with action, or will his fetish with the extreme fringe continue?"

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