J.D. Hayworth, "Free Government Money's" Biggest Fan, Crawls Out of Hole to Question Jeff Flake's Conservatism

We haven't heard much from former TV pitchman J.D. Hayworth since Senator John McCain mopped the floor with him in the 2010 GOP Senate primary, but there's a Senate seat opening up in Arizona -- so "free government money's" number one fan has crawled out of the woodwork to bash the only official candidate for the seat.

Earlier this month, Congressman Jeff Flake announced his candidacy for the Senate seat being vacated by Senator Jon Kyl. Flake, a Republican, isn't quite Republican enough to earn the instant support of Arizona's legendary far-right-wingers, and like McCain during the 2010 primary, has been forced to defend his less-than Conservative views when it comes to immigration.

Flake was recently interviewed by Hotline On Call about how he thinks he would fare should a more Conservative candidate rise from the bowels of Arizona's Republican Party to challenge him in a primary.

"I've had six elections and in a couple of them I had primaries, and immigration was featured prominently," Flake said during the interview. "Arizona's voters are the most sophisticated there are on immigration issues ... they understand, for example, if we were to solve the border issue completely, that then we would discover that nearly half of those who are here illegally didn't sneak across it -- they came legally and overstayed."

That sort of talk isn't going to score too many points with wing-nuts immigration hawks like J.D., who is rumored to be considering another Senate bid of his own, and would have to face Flake in a primary should he run.

Hayworth gave his take on Flake's comments to the National Journal, and questioned Flake's Conservatism because of his support of amnesty.

"This is not in the vein of disagreeing with Jeff Flake," Hayworth says. "For those who claim the mantle of fiscal responsibility and fiscal conservatism, and yet have endorsed amnesty plans ... I think that is of great concern."

What proved to be of greater concern to Arizona Conservatives during the 2010 primary was Hayworth describing himself as the "consistent Conservative," despite his starring role in an infomercial for a company promising "free government money."

In other words, Hayworth may want to reconsider before he dives head first into another game of Who's the Bigger Hypocrite.

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