J.D. Hayworth Heads to Vegas for Easter Weekend Happy Hour

Senate hopeful J.D. Hayworth, the "consistent conservative" who touts his devout Christianity in television and radio ads, is heading to Las Vegas this weekend for happy hour with fellow conservatives at a bar called Stoney's on the Strip.

Where else would a good Christian spend his Easter weekend.

Hayworth will be at Stoney's tonight, where he will be the featured guest of a group of Nevada conservatives, who host a monthly happy hour called First Friday Nevada.

The group is pimping the event by telling Nevada conservatives that "if you could care less about Arizona politics -- let me emphasize, this guy is aiming to take out the super-moderate himself, John McCain."

If taking out "The Maverick" isn't enough to entice the ultra-right, maybe the possibility of getting shitfaced will put some butts in the seats.

The group goes by the slogan "Who says the right can't have fun?" and will be treating its guests to two hours of two-for-one drink specials.

If two hours of drink specials isn't enough for Hayworth and his right-wing cronies, it also happens to be "Free Beer Friday" at Stoney's -- at least that's according to the bikini-clad hussy on the flyer.

David Payne, Hayworth's campaign manager tells New Times that despite spending the first half of the weekend in Sin City, Hayworth will rush back to Phoenix on Saturday to spend Easter with his family.

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