J.D. Hayworth, Phoney "Conservative"/"Free Government Money" Huckster, Back On Right-Wing Radio

It's been more than a year since Senator John McCain mopped the floor with former congressman/phoney conservative/free government-money huckster J.D. Hayworth in Arizona's GOP Senate primary, and the former congressman's finally gotten around to getting himself a full-time job.

A right-wing San Francisco radio station announced yesterday that it's hired Hayworth to host his own three-hour-long show in a time slot that, until now, belonged to Rush Limbaugh.

In the announcement, the radio station touts Hayworth's supposed conservatism, citing his helping write the Bush tax cuts while serving on the House Ways and Means Committee in 2001 and 2003.

What KSFO's news and program director Paul Hosley fails to mention is that while J.D. talks the talk when it comes to being a fiscally responsible Conservative against wasteful spending, he used to be a pitchman for a company that showed people how to get "free government money" through many of the same government programs Hayworth considers wasteful (when he's running for office, anyway).

Since losing to McCain, Hayworth's kept a relatively low profile -- only crawling out of his hole to occasionally fill in for conservative talk-show hosts, and to question Congressman Jeff Flake's Conservatism.

"As a 'recovering' Congressman, I'll 'pull back the curtains' and explain why politicians do the things they do," Hayworth, who used to host a talk show on Phoenix's KFYI, says. "With the help of KSFO listeners, we'll endeavor to provide common sense and clarity in these challenging and confusing times."

Speaking of "common sense," Hayworth's the same guy who thinks letting gay people get married will ultimately lead to humans marrying horses. True story.

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