J.D. Hayworth Pledges to Do "Everything in His Power" to Repeal Healthcare Bill; When Did J.D. Hayworth Get Power?

Former Congressman J.D. Hayworth is speaking out against the controversial healthcare reform bill that passed Sunday night, and he's using a bunch of shoulda, coulda, woulda's to blast John McCain, his opponent in the GOP primary for U.S. Senate.

Hayworth says if he'd been in the Senate in December -- when the bill was discussed -- he woulda forced members to read the entire bill, even if that meant keeping the Senate in session over Christmas.

"Devoted to your concerns, I have already pledged to do everything in my power to repeal a federal healthcare takeover by signing the 'Repeal It!' Pledge issued  by the Club for Growth.  I urge my opponent to do so, as well," Hayworth says in a statement given to New Times.

Unfortunately for the currently unemployed Hayworth, signing a dumb piece of paper is just about everything in his power -- something the McCain campaign points out in its scathing response to Hayworth's jabs.

The McCain campaign tells New Times that Hayworth should step aside -- "The Maverick's" already on the case.

"Maybe Congressman Hayworth missed the news, but Senator McCain is already leading the fight to repeal it," says McCain spokesman Brian Rogers. "The sad fact is that we might not be in this position if Congressman Hayworth hadn't lost his solidly Republican House seat to a liberal Democrat who actually voted to pass this bill."

Just like that, former Congressman Hayworth gets zinged.

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