J.D. Hayworth Says New Times Writer Has "Troubled Mind;" Hello, Pot, Meet Kettle

Senate hopeful J.D. Hayworth did a Web cast this morning where he -- in his best stuffed-shirt, white-guy voice -- referred to New Times as a "counterculture newspaper" and this writer as having a "troubled mind."

We're not too tore up over it -- we're not the ones ranting and raving about man/horse weddings, and vampire attacks. Not to mention, J.D. Hayworth was the one who said it.

We contacted Hayworth's campaign manager, David Payne, to try to find out exactly what J.D. finds so troubling, but he didn't respond to our question.

The Hayworth campaign is clearly a little butt-hurt over the way we've been covering the campaign, but Hayworth's antics have left us with no shortage of fodder (neeeeiiigh!) -- some of which Hayworth tried to use as a publicity stunt yesterday.

In his Web cast this morning, Hayworth mentioned two debates he says he's scheduled with his opponent in the GOP Senate primary, John McCain.

Hayworth says he scheduled the debates based on a New Times article on Tuesday, where we said McCain told us he welcomed debates with Hayworth and looked forward to participating in them.

McCain has been saying for months that as soon as the candidate-certification process is complete, he would debate any certified candidate.

Because we didn't include the words "certified candidate," Hayworth is using our phrasing to create a debate over debates, if you will.

Debating over debates, horse marriage, and Dracula are all things getting discussed in his campaign for the United States Senate -- and we're the "troubled" one?

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