J.D. Hayworth: The "Only Way" to Keep Men From Marrying Horses is Federal Marriage Ammendment

Former Congressman J.D. Hayworth says the only way to keep a man from marrying a horse is through a federal marriage amendment.

Naturally, we can think of several other snafus that might keep a man from marrying a horse -- namely a horse's inability to speak or sign a marriage license (basic anatomy coming in second).

But Hayworth feels that a same-sex marriage decision handed down by the Massachusetts Supreme Court is so loosely written that it could allow a man to marry a clydesdale.

Hayworth expressed his concerns about inter-species romance on a Florida talk show over the weekend. Check the video out below.

Hayworth sent us a statement in response to the comments, where he claims "the liberal media, intent on defending the ultra-leftist, progressive politicians in Massachusetts, are attacking me for standing up once again for family values."

What the "liberal media" has to do with making an honest horse out of the likes of Mr. Ed, we're not sure. We can confirm one thing, though: comparing same-sex marriage to bestiality makes J.D. look like a real horse's ass. Badop-ching!

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