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J.D. Hayworth to Host "Biggest Best Dang Birthday Bash" for Sheriff Joe

With the amount of attention Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has brought to his 78th birthday, you might think he's a 16-year-old girl.

First he "tweeted" that he needed ideas on how to celebrate his birthday. Then he claimed his special day was "ruined" because a blind-advocacy group uninvited him to speak at their convention. And now he's lending the occasion to J.D. Hayworth for the Senate hopefuls "Biggest Best Dang Birthday Bash" -- a fundraiser for Hayworth/ birthday party for America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff."

We had a brief laugh at Hayworth's "dang" jab at Senator John McCain in the name of the event but were nearly ROTFLMAO to learn that Arpaio's 78th birthday -- which was last week, by the way -- was still being hyped as if he were turning 100.

Turning 78 isn't exactly one of those milestone birthdays like turning 75 or 80 might be, so the party the sheriff had last weekend was probably sufficient. But this is an election year, and Hayworth is lookin' to milk Arpaio's geezer-hood for every conservative vote it can muster.     

The event will be held tomorrow -- nearly a week after Joe's actual birthday -- and for a mere $35 you could celebrate Joe's big day with Arpaio and Hayworth at The Silver Spur Saloon and Eatery in Cave Creek.

Or, with the flick of a match, you could set $35 on fire -- if given the choice, we'd prefer the latter.

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