J.D. Hayworth's Jack Abramoff Trust Fund Donor List Only Half Complete, John McCain Campaign Claims

As we reported earlier, Senate hopeful J.D. Hayworth released his much-anticipated list of donors to his Freedom in Truth trust -- something John McCain has been requesting for months -- but the McCain campaign says the list only contains half of the information it requested.

"We appreciate the fact that after 45 days and constant pressure, Congressman Hayworth has finally taken one step toward disclosing the activities of his FIT Trust," says McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers. "However, Congressman Hayworth has only revealed half of the pertinent information -- the money coming into the trust, but not the money going out -- leaving significant questions unanswered."

Rogers wants to know what the FIT trust was spending its money on, and who benefited from the more that $150,000 it took in.

"Congressman Hayworth has a demonstrated record of self-dealing and paying his own family members through his political activities, so it's critical to know who's benefited financially from his FIT trust," Rogers says."Who are the Trustees running FIT Trust, and do they have any relationship with the convicted felon lobbyist Jack Abramoff?"

Abramoff's cronies benefiting from Hayworth's legal trust is probably a stretch, but Rogers does have a point -- and we have a feeling he probably doesn't mind the sound of Hayworth's name being mentioned in the same sentence with Jack Abramoff, either.

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