J.D. Hayworth's PR Honcho, Jason Rose, Leaves Campaign Over Contract Dispute

Jason Rose, the high-powered public-relations guru, who's handled everyone from Joe Arpaio to Phil Gordon, is jumping ship on the J.D. Hayworth Senate campaign because Hayworth has failed to enter a contract with Rose's firm.

Rose tells New Times that his firm began working for Hayworth without a contract out of good faith, with the assumption that one would be drafted and signed as the campaign progressed.

However, here we are a month into Hayworth's official candidacy and no contract exists, so Rose is putting the kybosh on his firm's involvement with the campaign.

Although Hayworth only announced his candidacy about a month ago, Rose has been working closely with him for several months. Rose even hosted a fundraising event at his house -- featuring special guest Joe Arpaio -- to raise money for Hayworth's legal bills.

While they won't be working together on the campaign, Rose says there is no bad blood between himself and Hayworth and that his leaving is simply a business decision.

"I won't be calling you in a week or three months to bash him [Hayworth]," Rose promises New Times.

As much as we wish he would, we're gonna hold him to that.

And, without further adieu, you can see the chart showing Rose's political connections and his links to everyone from the Baseline Killer to Clarence Thomas by clicking here.

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