Jeb Bush Bashes SB 1070. Didn't See That One Coming, Did Ya?

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, brother of former President George W. Bush and a possible GOP presidential candidate himself, doesn't like Arizona's controversial new immigration law because, he says, his children might look suspicious if seen walking on the streets of Phoenix.

Bush is a staunch conservative -- speaking out against SB 1070 in that crowd is a big-time no-no. So, such statements coming from a right-winger (who may want to be president?) like him are a bit shocking...but there's a twist.

Bush's wife is Mexican, which makes his children half-Latino. He fears under Arizona's new law they could be looked at suspiciously.

"It's the wrong approach," Bush said Saturday at a National League of Cities convention in Denver, the Denver Post reports. "The net result is not much has been done."

From the Denver Post:

He said if the U.S. deported 12 million illegal immigrants from across the country, it would cost billions and not be very effective.

Instead he recommended tightening the border and improving programs to more smoothly integrate immigrants into American society.

Bush says, in addition to beefing up border security, things like teaching English to immigrants is a more effective way to fix the illegal immigration problem than criminalizing those here illegally.

Check out the entire Denver Post story here.

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