Jeb Bush Comes to Town, and Now Legislative Leaders Want to Change the Language Used to Rate Schools; This Ought to Fix Everything!

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was in town today to speak with legislative leaders about how to improve Arizona's troubled K-12 education system.

Wanna know what they came up with? Get ready to laugh, or cry.

After meeting with Jeb, House Speaker Kirk Adams tells the Associated Press that Arizona needs to consider a "portfolio" of reforms but specifically cites changing how Arizona rates its public schools.

Arizona's current method for rating schools uses actual words like "excelling," or "under performing."

Well, the colossal changes that came out of this meeting of the minds are about as useless as Matt Leinart in an Arizona Cardinals jersey.

Adams and Senate Education Chairman John Huppenthal want to change this rating to an A-F system.

Jeb Bush comes all the way out to the desert, and this is the best thing they could come up with?

Calls to Speaker Adams' office, with the hopes he could tell us that more came out of this meeting than a new labeling method, were not immediately returned.

However, Department of Education Superintendent Tom Horne, as always, was happy to offer his opinion of the idea.

It seems as though Horne thinks it's about as dumb as we do.

"Our ratings provide some description," Horne says. "I think people reading them get a better idea of the school."

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