Jeff Flake Calls Health Care Reform Bill "The Worst Piece of Legislation I've Ever Seen"

Congressman Jeff Flake spoke to the College Republicans at Arizona State University last night, and it turns out, he's not too thrilled about the healthcare bill that narrowly passed the house over the weekend.

"The worst piece of legislation I've ever seen," Flake said. In fairness, Flake added that the Republican backed healthcare bill of 2003 was "the second-worst" piece of legislation he had ever seen, the State Press, ASU's student newspaper reports.

Flake's beef -- it seems -- is not with healthcare itself but with spending money.

Flake's appearance with the College Repubs was to discuss fiscal discipline and how the Republican Party can retake Congress.

"If we stick with fiscal discipline, we'll have the wind at our back next year," Flake told the group of young GOPers.

The conversation soon shifted, however, to the elephant in any room with Jeff Flake these days: His survivalist trip to the Marshall Islands and his TMZ hunk-off with Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock.

"I didn't want the press to know about [the vacation], but word started to spread in Congress," he told the group. "So I went to the Washington Post and they ran an article -- next thing I knew, TMZ was following me around the airport."

Flake shouldn't get too worried -- TMZ probably just thought he was Owen Wilson.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.