Jeff Flake
Jeff Flake

Jeff Flake in TMZ Hunk-Off With Illinois Congressman

Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake is in a new battle on Capitol Hill. He is smack dab in the middle of a rousing game of "who'd ya rather," sponsored by the folks at TMZ.

For anyone who may not be a 17-year-old girl and isn't familiar with the rules of "who'd ya rather," here's how it's played: You choose two guys, and ask each other which one of them you would prefer shackin' up with for a night.

Complicated, we know.  

Flake is matched with Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock, who seemed to have misplaced his shirt in a 2007 photo, which created a bit of a buzz about the congressman's abs -- all eight of them.

Flake, a devout Mormon, got some attention about his own chiseled physique after photos of his week-long survivalist vacation to a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean made their way into the Washington Post.

At the moment, about 16,000 people have voted and Flake is currently the silver medalist, trailing Schock by about 10 percent of the vote.

You can vote by clicking here. 


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