Jeff Flake Slammed in TV Ad by Mother of Aurora Shooting Victim (Video)

A Valley mom whose son was killed last year in the movie-theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, slams Senator Jeff Flake in an advertisement that's about to hit Phoenix airwaves, thanks to Flake's vote against a proposal for more background checks on gun purchases.

Caren Teves recently made news after showing that Flake had sent her a handwritten note that "strengthening background checks is something we agree on" -- before he voted against an amendment to strengthen background checks.

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Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the group that's said to be mainly funded by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, says it's going to start running a TV advertisement in Arizona, featuring Teves voicing her displeasure for Flake's vote.

Flake has given multiple explanations for why he voted against the Manchin-Toomey amendment, which fell short in the Senate by a handful of votes.

Flake, initially making a claim similar to the NRA's, claimed that the amendment would have mandated background checks on "all private transfers -- including between friends and neighbors -- if the posting or display of the ad for a firearm was made public."

Flake's initial claim wasn't true, according to those who have looked into it.

Then, CNN reported that Flake explained "the requirement for background checks on Internet sales is too costly and inconvenient" for him to support the bill.

Now, addressing this new advertisement in a Facebook post, Flake claims he did vote to strengthen background checks.

"Contrary to the ad, I did vote to strengthen background checks," he writes. "I voted for the bipartisan Grassley Amendment, which included language from a bill I helped write which strengthened background checks for those with mental illness. The Grassley amendment also included language to increase prosecution of criminals and fugitives who circumvent the current background check system."

According to a fact sheet from Senator Grassley, the "bipartisan" amendment did strengthen background checks (sarcasm, incoming) with proposals for things like "Place limitations on Fast & Furious type operations by DOJ," offer "Second Amendment protections for veterans," and "Require the Department of Justice to explain to Congress why it has or has not been prosecuting gun cases."

The amendment didn't call for any more background checks on gun sales.

Grassley did claim that his proposal would "improve" the background-check system, which Flake apparently interprets as "strengthening" background checks.

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