Jeff Flake Smiled at Rich Carmona's "Prettier" Joke, Now Lamely Makes Hay Over It

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So why can't a man be prettier than a woman?

Look at Brad Pitt. Leonardo DiCaprio. Johnny Depp. David Beckham. And, um, Congressman Jeff Flake.

Not that Channel 12's Brahm Resnik is in their league. I mean, he's no Joe Dana.

If you ask me, you folks who were outraged by former Surgeon General and Democratic U.S. Senate contender Rich Carmona's recent joke at CNN reporter Candy Crowley's expense are a bunch of sexist bigots.

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Sure, Resnik's a dude, as far as we can tell. But with that uber-coiffed hair, that toothy grin, those slim, girlish hips, you can't tell me he ain't better lookin' than some gals you know.

I get it, we're supposed to judge professionals by their skills not their looks.

At least that's what I'm countin' on. I'm in print journalism for a reason.

Still, what do you think Crowley would be more offended by -- an offhand remark about how Resnik's better looking, or how Resnik's a better reporter?

I'm guessing the latter.

Spare me all the outrage, faux and otherwise, especially from you politically-correct liberals, writers for such outlets as Talking Points Memo and others, who've been treating this bull like it's a legitimate news story.

As I said recently on Facebook, that great waster of time, when did everyone turn into my 93 year-old grandmother?

But even my grandmother wouldn't have been offended by Carmona's remark. She likely would have laughed at it.

Yes, the joke was a little rude. Carmona later issued an apology, for all the good that'll do him.

But it was also funny. Those of you who watch Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart or Bill Maher or nearly any comedian post-Richard Pryor, know that most of what makes us laugh is inappropriate.

Maybe that's why some in the audience were chuckling at Carmona's quip.

And why Resnik and Flake were both smiling.

"Not sure how to take that," Resnik replied, his grin Jack-o-Lantern-like, almost proud.

I think I even discerned a blush.

After the debate, Flake got as serious as a parson, and slammed Carmona's comments as inappropriate.

Today, in my in-box, I get a message from the Flake camp, telling me that former Arizona Governor Jane Hull is terribly, terribly upset.

"Making a joke about a woman's appearance says a lot about someone's character and judgment," Hull says in the release. "Why would Richard Carmona think that degrading the looks of a respected journalist is funny?"

She's a journalist, not a supermodel, Jane. Who cares if Resnik is too sexy for his shirt, or is more likely to work the catwalk on Project Runway?

"Legitimate questions have been raised about Richard Carmona's treatment of women, and his so-called 'joke' should make it clear that Richard Carmona does not respect women."

That's a really dumb statement, dumber than this fake controversy.

Yeah, I've seen the anti-Carmona ad featuring Christine Beato, Carmona's one-time supervisor, complaining about Carmona allegedly "pounding" on her door late at night.

Now ask me if I care.

If you take that pant-load seriously, you probably think Governor Brewer really "felt a little bit threatened" on the tarmac back when she wagged her wrinkly digit at the President.

Talk about a joke.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.