Feathered Bastard

Jeff Flake Smiled at Rich Carmona's "Prettier" Joke, Now Lamely Makes Hay Over It

So why can't a man be prettier than a woman?

Look at Brad Pitt. Leonardo DiCaprio. Johnny Depp. David Beckham. And, um, Congressman Jeff Flake.

Not that Channel 12's Brahm Resnik is in their league. I mean, he's no Joe Dana.

If you ask me, you folks who were outraged by former Surgeon General and Democratic U.S. Senate contender Rich Carmona's recent joke at CNN reporter Candy Crowley's expense are a bunch of sexist bigots.

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Sure, Resnik's a dude, as far as we can tell. But with that uber-coiffed hair, that toothy grin, those slim, girlish hips, you can't tell me he ain't better lookin' than some gals you know.

I get it, we're supposed to judge professionals by their skills not their looks.

At least that's what I'm countin' on. I'm in print journalism for a reason.

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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
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