Jennifer Barnes Headed to Prison for Shoving Feces in Son's Mouth, Toothbrush in His Anus

The Gilbert mother who shoved feces in her 10-year-old son's mouth and shoved his toothbrush in his anus in 2011, among other horrific abuses, will be spending some time in prison.

A judge sentenced 41-year-old Jennifer Barnes today to more than 13 years in prison, which will be followed be a lifetime on probation.

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Barnes took a plea agreement in March, pleading guilty to two counts of child abuse, in exchange for 11 other charges being dismissed.

Child Protective Services had a file open on Barnes in 2011 when police interviewed her 10-year-old adopted son, but court records previously obtained by New Times did not detail how police or CPS ended up interested in Barnes.

The boy told a forensic interviewer that Barnes would tie him up, shove dog feces in his mouth, and tape his mouth shut, according to the documents.

He said on other occasions, Barnes burned his penis with a lighter, and shoved his toothbrush into his anus.

The boy told the interviewer that Barnes made his penis bleed once, after burning it with a curling iron, then tying a necklace around it, according to the documents. He said these incidents all took place between May 2010 and August 2011.

A doctor examined the boy after the interview, and said there were scars on the boy's penis that were "consistent with healed burns," according to the documents. The doctor also saw scars on the boy's anus, which he noted were consisted with the abuse the boy described.

Barnes denied abusing the boy, but a Gilbert detective wrote in a probable-cause statement that she gave inconsistent information.

Barnes' sentence calls for 13 1/2 years in prison.

James King contributed to this post.

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