Jerald Newman, of Bloody Black Friday Arrest at Walmart, Not Charged Yet on Allegation of Shoplifting and Resisting Arrest

Jerald Newman, the grandpa whose bloody arrest at a Walmart on Black Friday made national headlines, hasn't yet been charged on allegations of shoplifting and resisting arrest.

Buckeye police Lieutenant Jared Griffiths tells New Times that his agency did submit the charges to prosecutors. But the Maricopa County Attorney's Office sent the case back to the police agency for further investigation.

Griffiths says the agency plans to shore up the case and resubmit it next week.

"We have asked Buckeye to provide us with some additional information we need in order to make a charging decision," writes Jerry Cobb, spokesman for County Attorney Bill Montgomery, in response to an e-mail we sent him.

Witnesses at the Walmart claimed that Buckeye police officer Kevin Rorke was too harsh on Newman during the arrest.

Newman reportedly put a video game under his shirt after a Black Friday sale at the Walmart turned into pandemonium. He claimed he did it to free up his hands so he could help his grandson avoid being trampled by an unruly crowd. Buckeye police claim he was trying to steal the game.

When Rorke slapped a handcuff on him, Newman allegedly tried to kick the officer. Rorke performed a leg sweep on Newman and dropped the man to the ground. Newman hit his head so hard he blacked out for a minute while blood oozed onto the floor.

Buckeye police asked the Department of Public Safety to investigate the allegation of police brutality; that investigation remains ongoing.

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