Jeremiah Kuczynski Was Drunk-Driving an Electric Cart at Walmart and Threatened to Stab an Employee, Cops Say

A Queen Creek man was arrested for an incident at a Walmart store in Mesa that included drunkenly driving an electric cart in the parking lot and swinging a knife at an employee, according to police.

Jeremiah Kuczynski, 19, was just recently arrested in the March incident, which started with him driving the electric cart out of the store, then crashing into carts in the parking lot, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

A Walmart employee went out to the parking lot and asked that he please stop doing that, but Kuczynski hopped out of the electric cart and asked the employee if he wanted to get stabbed, the documents state.

The employee pulled out a box cutter just in case he needed to defend himself and ran back into the store to get a manager.

Meanwhile, Kuczynski went to his car, grabbed a knife -- "similar to a kitchen knife" -- and went back into the store, and swung the knife at the employee.

The employee moved to another area inside the store, and as he turned to another employee, Kuczynski punched him in the head, according to the documents.

Police say the store's security-camera footage supports what the Walmart employee and his co-workers told responding officers.

Kuczynski got away but eventually was identified, and the Walmart employee picked him out of a photo lineup.

Kuczynski was arrested last week and told police he had "10 or 11 beers" and "couldn't remember everything that happened," according to the documents.

He'll be held without bond, since he managed to get arrested and released on bond in Pinal County sometime after the Walmart incident.

Kuczynski has prior arrests for making threats, aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, and trespassing, according to court documents.

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