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Jesse James Checks Out of Arizona Sex Rehab After One Week -- Then Checks Right Back In

Jesse James, the bad-boy biker husband of Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock, checked into a rehab facility in Tucson last week to start battling his addiction to sex. Today, it's reported that James left the facility but quickly checked back in to continue trying to "save [his] marriage."

Since he was outed as a serial cheater about two weeks ago, James has been linked to enough women to give Tiger Woods a run for his money -- and like Woods, James came to Arizona to try to cure his wandering wiener.

Unlike Tiger's wife, it seems Bullock isn't buying the whole "addiction" excuse, and it's being reported that she is close to filing for divorce.

According to the gossip site Radar Online, James got news of Sandy's divorce plans and tried to call her. Bullock, however, wasn't havin' it and refused to take his call, the site claims.

That's when James decided to split from the facility.

"He wants the marriage back," an anonymous source tells Radar. "And then she refused to take one of his calls from the rehab center, and he got furious and left."

After apparently realizing he wasn't cured of his "addiction," James checked back into the facility yesterday afternoon to continue treatment.

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