Jesse Kelly, Conservative for Congress, Hangs Out With Family in "Spare Time"

Commenters on a Sonoran Alliance blog post about Jesse Kelly, a Republican who wants to run against Gabrielle Giffords for Arizona's Congressional District 8, point out an amusing conservative faux pax on the guy's Web site.

Conservatives usually try to corner the market on family values, but Kelly's a guy who's apparently not afraid to let constituents in on his life's priorities. According to the bio on Kelly's site, the former U.S. Marine and combat veteran likes to be with his wife and infant son in his spare time.

Here's the whole bio 

Jesse Kelly is a United States Marine Corps combat veteran and proudly served during Operation Iraqi Freedom leading a squad of 10 Marines. He served for four years and was honorably discharged in August 2004. After Jesse's service for our country, he moved on to work in the family construction business in Tucson, AZ. His duties there consisted of project estimating, scheduling, budget analysis, human resource management, and all other work associated with project management. Jesse Kelly is married to his wife Aubrey, who is a University of Arizona graduate where she attended on a gymnastics scholarship. Jesse and Aubrey have a son James and attend Alive Christian Fellowship Church in Tucson. In his spare time, Jesse enjoys reading, hiking, watching football, exercising, and spending time with his family.

One anonymous SA commenter (we swear it wasn't us!) implies Kelly's sort of a poser, judging by his three-piece suit in the desert. Maybe he would have been better off wearing his camos.

We also got a chuckle out of the picture below of the dimorphic couple. What a big man, taking care of his little woman and young 'un -- when he can find a few spare minutes, that is.

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