Jesse Miller Smoked Some Spice, and as He Put It, "Beat the Sh*t Outta" His Baby Daughter

Jesse Miller's 1-year-old daughter was taken to Phoenix Children's Hospital yesterday, as Miller explained to a nurse that he "just beat the shit out of [his] baby."

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Miller's explanation was that he smoked the synthetic chemicals known as "spice," which caused his soul to leave his body, while he went to hell and beat his daughter.

Miller called 9-1-1 from his Phoenix home yesterday morning, reporting, "I just beat up my daughter," the documents state.

Police went over to his house, but in the meantime, the baby's mother picked up the baby and Miller, and took them to PCH.

At the hospital, Miller told a nurse, "I know I just beat the shit out of [my] baby," according to the court documents.

The baby had bruises on her face, dried blood in her nose, swollen lips, and was soaking wet, medical staff told police. She's currently in the intensive-care unit at the hospital, with bleeding on her brain, according to court documents. She's in stable, but critical condition.

According to the documents, the baby's mother told police that Miller called her while she was at work, and informed her that he'd just smoked spice and beat up their daughter.

Indeed, Miller told police that he was smoking spice in the bathroom while he left the baby in front of a TV, and after he was done smoking, he sat down on the couch with the baby and went "out of it."

"Out of it" included the belief that "his soul left his body and he went to hell," a probable-cause statement explains.

Miller said that when he "came to," he noticed that the baby was screaming and bleeding from the mouth.

Miller added that there's no way his baby could've done this to herself, so he must have done it to her, according to the documents. Police confirmed Miller was the only one in the residence.

Miller's facing one count of child abuse, and is being held on $45,000 bond.

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