Jodi Arias' 10 Most Pathetic Tweets

While the jury is still considering Jodi Arias' fate for killing Travis Alexander, we have some insight on what's going on in her head.

It's easy, really, because she's a nationally known murder defendant with a friggin' Twitter account, and one of the few words that accurately describes Arias' posts would be "pathetic."

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As you may recall, authorities confirmed Arias was "tweeting" from jail, by phoning up a woman named Donavan Bering and telling her what to post on the site.

So, before the verdict is read, you can see Arias' 10 most pathetic tweets below:

1.) Easy, Juliet.

2.) Ya don't say.

3.) Yet another cry for attention.

4.) Woof!

5.) No, it is not.

6.) "Jodi" isn't "cool" either -- might as well have gone with "Gertrude."

7.) Uh, sick burn?

8.) Mass-murder advocacy group?

9.) Nothing says "not guilty" like trying to turn a profit in jail.

10.) Nailed it.

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