Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas Fundraisers Invite New Times Editor to a Party!

By Amy Silverman

I've always said that it's nice to be invited to the party, even if you don't want to attend -- but really, this is ridiculous. I get a lot of strange e-mails, but few as unexpected as the one that popped into my New Times in box this afternoon: an invite to a private political fundraiser for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas, both up for reelection this fall.

I don't know the hosts; the invitation said the event will take place at the Paradise Valley home of Jeff and Stephanie Rice. (The "beautiful home," according to the invite, and I don't doubt it given the luxe address, which I'll kindly refrain from sharing here.)

Sorry guys, I'm, um, busy on the night of October 4. (At least one other New Times editorial staffer got the invite, too, and he's also busy.) But hey, reader, you might want to attend, since the invite promises "food, cool refreshments, live music, special guests and dignitaries".

The invitation asked me to call on my "friends, family and neighbors" -- so I figure it's okay to give you the RSVP details:

You've gotta cough up a minimum of $50 (and it's okay to split the 50 between Arpaio and Thomas, what a bargain!) or a maximum of $390 for each candidate, and you can either call Mary with the Summit Group at (602) 235-9320 or email cmwillems@aol.com to let them know you're coming.

Be sure to tell us all about it....

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