Joe Arpaio and MCSO's Weekend in Tempe Ends With 405 Arrests

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office certainly didn't shut down the Arizona State University party scene in Tempe this weekend, but the alcohol task-force did come away with 405 arrests.

That was the fourth weekend of Tempe PD's "Safe and Sober" campaign, which notched 1,367 arrests over the three previous weekends.

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According to Tempe PD, 58 of those 405 arrests over the weekend were for DUI.

Despite Arpaio's self-appointed tough-guy status, he didn't really scare the party-hardy ASU crowd as much as he would've liked to.

For example, this young lady, on what appears to be Mill Avenue:

And this young lady:

And these gentlemen:

Arpaio had his own Twitter hashtag this weekend, #shotsforjoe, in which students just mocked Arpaio while posting pictures of themselves slamming alcohol, or their comrades passed out on and around campus -- including a photo of girl who was naked from the waist down, apparently passed out or hardly moving atop a concrete wall.

Tempe PD got some ribbing from the students as well, as you can see from this photo that was floating around:

Last weekend's enforcement is the last of its kind scheduled for now, but Tempe PD sent out to following note to media outlets: "A date for Phase III of our Safe and Sober campaign has not been established however, Tempe PD and its partners will continue to monitor this issue and continue to do what is necessary to protect lives."

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