Joe Arpaio and Michael Salman Keep Inmates Bored to Death at Tent City

For Tent City's 19th birthday, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Pastor Michael Salman kept the inmates as bored as possible -- not even close to matching the gaudy celebration for of the jail's 18th birthday, which included women throwing pink panties at the sheriff.

Arpaio entered an air-conditioned room at Tent City to some light booing from the inmates, and the inmates laughed at Salman after he stood at a lectern at the front of the room to tell them he was "glad to be here."

Salman then led the inmates in prayer, during which he reminded everyone that he's being "persecuted" for following the Lord's will.

One of the inmates complained to Arpaio about the moon pies they got for the birthday celebration, telling the Sheriff that those things have been in the freezer for months. The inmate eventually just threw all of his food off the table.

The inmates also got to watch a compilation of local news clips starting from the jail's grand opening in 1993, also leaving the inmates bored to tears -- except for the part that showed footage of the 1996 riot at the jail. The inmates liked that one, as you can imagine.

Other than that, we were able to confirm Tent City is still hot in August, and Arpaio's really losing his party-planning skills.

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