Joe Arpaio and Nativist Nutbars Terrorize Elementary School

Gilman dogs Arpaio at a Joe show on the west side

Here's the latest from the people's videographer, Dennis Gilman: An account of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's September 16 appearance at a block watch meeting at Manzanita Elementary School on Phoenix's west side.

As you can see from the video, the neighborhood didn't want Joe there, as they showed up en masse and p.o.'ed. I swear, "the shurf" is a one man invitation to riot. No wonder Gilman uses the Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter as background music. However, Sympathy for the Devil might have been more appropriate.

Notable are the comments from the tykes in attendance, one of whom says, "Just because we're brown doesn't mean we're criminals...We don't want Arpaio around our schools."

I don't blame you, kid. He's a bad man. Stranger-danger.

Then, there's a little girl who opines of Joe, "He's just mean."

Juxtaposed with such innocence and honesty is the hatefulness of Joe's nativist fans, like jumbo-sized erotic masseuse Brandy Baron, who says she wants to kill all the "invaders," even the little kids.

"I think we should pop 'em all off crossing the border," she tells Gilman.

Baron's said this sort of thing before at the other nativist demonstrations she's been at. Hey, at least she's not threatening to eat Mexican babies. Though, maybe that's the plan after she shoots them. 

Ol' Joe comes out at one point to incite the crowd. They guy gets off on the hate, I tell you. Gilman asks him some solid questions, particularly the one about why he sent the investigation of his Chief Deputy, David Hendershott over to his bosom buddy, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.

The cunning, crotchety coot claims it's because Babeu, being a sheriff, knows all about sheriffin'. And because DPS has a boss -- the governor, while Babeu answers to no one.

Nutty, so Arpaio is afraid of Jan Brewer? If so, there's no need. That woman couldn't beat a basset hound at Chinese checkers.

If I were Arpaio, I'd be more concerned with his putative ally, aka, "Little Joe" Babeu. Babeu may not be much smarter than Brewer, but he's younger and ambitious in the extreme, and, therefore, that much more dangerous.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.