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Joe Arpaio, Andrew Thomas Lose, Part 2: Dennis Gilman's Video on the ACORN Arrests, and Eventual Victory

Gilman's most recent effort documents the arrests and ultimate triumph of ACORN activists...

Here's a cool new video by activist Dennis Gilman regarding news I recently blogged concerning a legal victory obtained by two ACORN members last Friday in Phoenix. That's when bogus charges of trespassing against ACORN organizers Monica Sandschafer and Kristy Theilen were tossed by Justice of the Peace Armando Gandarilla. The charges were dismissed with prejudice, meaning the County Attorney cannot refile the case.

There are still charges pending against two other women who were collared while waiting quietly at the county Board of Supervisors' offices following a protest organized by ACORN and Maricopa Citizens for Safety and Accountability. Hopefully the complaints against community organizer Ayensa Milan, and ACORN member Guillarmina Pichardo will meet the same fate as those of Sandschafer and Thielen.

Of course, Theilen and Sandschafer are still facing another round of ludicrous charges for "disorderly conduct." These were leveled against them after they were arrested by the MCSO, along with ACORN members Jason Odhner and Joel Nelson, for applauding a speaker at a public BOS meeting.

This is the sort of petty, absurd political retribution our County Attorney and sheriff's office engage in. It would be laughable if it did not harass law-abiding citizens, and cost taxpayers money. Everyone involved in arresting these individuals and putting them on trial should be fired or forced to resign -- and yes, I include in that those members of MCSO and County Protective Services involved. Instead, we will have to wait patiently, until one by one, these charges are booted out of court, and those subjected to this tin-pot persecution sue the county for as much as they can get.

BTW, the alter kocker, plainclothes cop ordering everyone out in Gilman's video is, according to a spokesperson for the Board of Supervisors, Captain Tom Devore of County Protective Services. What an embarrassment.

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