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Joe Arpaio B-Day Bomb: Judge Wants Monitor in Melendres

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Retraining of MCSO personnel "needs to take place," Snow added.

He insisted he would be the "final authority" on the actual instruction and training materials used. In fact, Snow said he might have to observe the retraining course himself to make certain it comports with his ruling.

He also stated that he would allow the MCSO to develop the training materials, though presumably with his oversight.

The MCSO will need much better record keeping, he stated, and be able to identify the persons its deputies stop as either Latino or non-Latino, without invading the driver or passenger's privacy. The judge wants these records available to the public.

Snow went on to correct a misinterpretation of part of his ruling by some in the public. He had not enjoined the MCSO from contacting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, if needed.

However, if the MCSO encounters someone they suspect of violating civil immigration law, they may not hold those persons. Nor may deputies detain them, waiting for ICE to arrive and take custody.

The MCSO can only hold persons suspected of committing federal or state crimes, including the violation of criminal immigration laws, according to Snow.

"[The sheriff's office] in my view cannot enforce civil immigration law," he stated, emphatically.

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