Joe Arpaio Begs for Votes, and Devin Fleenor's Anti-Arpaio Ad Hits TV

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Joe practically begs viewers to let him keep his job in this new ad

Sheriff Joe looks like a worried old man in his new TV commercial, the latest in a series of pricey ads that his re-election campaign has been inundating county boob tubes with.

"Despite all the criticism," he says, gesticulating, a little over-eagerly. "I've always been tough on criminals. I will not stop doing the job you elected me to do."

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Except when it came to the 400-plus sex crimes in El Mirage and elsewhere that were botched under his regime. Which is the scandal Arpaio obviously is attempting to address in this ad.

Thing is, he's doing it poorly. Look at his body language, listen to his voice. This is not "America's toughest sheriff." This is an exercise in desperation. CBS 5 - KPHO's report on the Fleenor ad making it to TV

"As your sheriff," he continues, "I don't make the laws, I enforce them. I've never backed down from a fight, and I never will."

What about the laws against rape, molestation, sex with children, Joe? For Arpaio and his former right-hand-man David Hendershott, it wasn't that the fight against sex criminals was too tough, it just wasn't a priority.

Which is why Arpaio's well-compensated campaign pimp Chad Willems can bitch all he wants, as he does in this Channel 5 segment from last night.

The station reported that anti-Arpaio activist Devin Fleenor's video blasting Arpaio on the El Mirage sex crimes debacle will begin a run on local TV stations tonight, paid for in part by Citizens for Professional Law Enforcement, the PAC co-founded by state Representative Ruben Gallego and GOP activist Carlos Sierra.

Willems labeled the ad "shameless," an adjective with which he's no-doubt well-acquainted, since he works for the best friend county sex criminals have ever had.

If someone Willems cared about had been victimized, and then had his or her case ignored by Arpaio's agency, would he feel the same way?

Maybe, as long as Arpaio's checks kept clearing.

In any case, score one for Fleenor and Gallego, who are correct to join forces. At times it feels like we're all in the 21st Century, Maricopa County version of the French Resistance, with one goal in mind: Arpaio's fall.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.