Joe Arpaio Challenger Emerges for 2012 Election. Meet Scottsdale Lieutenant Mike Stauffer

A challenger has emerged to run against America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" in the 2012 election.

Mike Stauffer, a lieutenant in the Scottsdale Police Department, announced over the weekend that he will take on Maricopa County's corrupt top cop, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, because he's fed up with Arpaio's "shamelessly and recklessly thumbing his nose at each and every resident of the county and leading every voter astray by reality show theatrics, media stunts, grandstanding, endless lawsuits, drug infested jails, the misspending of millions of dollars, and now the latest findings of
failing to investigate several hundred cases of child sex crimes!"

Arpaio insists that he's running for another term as sheriff, despite the MCSO's becoming a cesspool of corruption, mismanagement, and fraud under his watch.

See Stauffer's announcement below. 

Dear Residents of Maricopa County:

As many of you know by now, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, led by Sheriff Arpaio, is continuing to steal the headlines on an almost daily basis. Unfortunately, these headlines are not the stories we should expect from a respected law enforcement agency, rather they are about our Sheriff who is breaking the very laws that he was elected to enforce.

Sheriff Arpaio is shamelessly and recklessly thumbing his nose at each and every resident of the county and leading every voter astray by reality show theatrics, media stunts, grandstanding, endless lawsuits, drug infested jails, the misspending of millions of dollars, and now the latest findings of failing to investigate several hundred cases of child sex crimes!

He continues to freely tell the people of Maricopa County, "I don't know anything...", further indicating he is completely out of touch with the very people he is supposed to be serving and protecting. He is counting on you turning a blind eye to the corruption and abuses that have been going on for years and are now daily being exposed in the media.

As a current Police Lieutenant, and dedicated law enforcement professional for 28 years, I am prepared to end the many years of shameful and irrational behaviors of this sheriff and his corrupt staff. I am prepared to provide you with the best that American law enforcement has to offer.

And so it is that I announce my official candidacy for the office of Maricopa County Sheriff.

The residents of Maricopa County must take an unashamed stand with me today. The truth can "set us free" from repeating our past mistakes of allowing corruption, misspending, evasiveness, illicitness and bullying by our current Sheriff.

There is no doubt this next year will not be easy, but at no time have the residents of Maricopa County expressed such dismay as they are today. It is time to speak up and tell the current sheriff that it is time for a 21st Century law enforcement professional who will restore the law, the trust, the respect, the dignity and the pride to the MCSO and the residents of Maricopa County.

Under no circumstances will I allow crime of any kind to prevail under my leadership as Maricopa County Sheriff. From petty theft to illegal immigration, criminals will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. In addition, as your Sheriff, I will further ensure that justice is served by conducting thorough investigations which will lead to actual arrests and successful prosecutions of offenders.

By working in concert with all of the very qualified law enforcement agencies throughout the county, and gathering sound intelligence we will begin to fight crime on a whole new level. We will serve the nearly 40,000 unserved MCSO felony warrants that are currently on the back burner under this sheriff's oversight. I will restore the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office as a top tier law enforcement agency and will refocus the priorities that we need to keep you safe!

The current Sheriff says that only extremists are calling for a new administration, while the residents of Maricopa County are completely satisfied with his leadership. I know, along with so many of you, that is not in the least bit accurate and he is very mistaken. The reality that is exceptionally encouraging is that I am getting so much support as I travel the county. Many of you are now saying with 20 years in office, and nearly 80 years of age, "it's now time for a new Sheriff." I am honored and very humbled to be the recipient of your enthusiastic support.

While I will continue to need verbal and written support from each of you, I am also in need of financial support. Money by no means wins elections, but it certainly does help to cover the many expenses incurred, e.g., printing, events, office supplies, media advertising, etc.

Many of you have expressed concern over donating more than a few dollars, or openly showing me support in fear of retaliation by the Sheriff. Unquestionably, Sheriff Arpaio has used retaliation and intimidation tactics in the past to cripple his opponents and silence their supporters. Well, no longer. The voters of Maricopa County have had enough, have seen the light and are fully prepared to counter the clumsy bouts of mudslinging and bullying from the self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff."

So I ask you to please take a stand with me TODAY and make a donation. There is no need for a colossal war chest, but I do ask for donations to wage an effective campaign. This campaign will highlight the fiscal restraint and accountability that I pledge to carry on as your sheriff. I intend to earn your support through hard work, humility, accountability, and the experience I have gained in my 28 years of law enforcement excellence.

In the Sheriff's letter to voters announcing his reelection bid he stated, "We anticipate the hardest campaign in history..." Well, I intend not to disappoint him and I trust you won't either.

Please click right now to make your donation of $5, $10, $20, $100, or visit my website www.votestauffer.com. I need your support NOW.

You may also sign up for my campaign newsletter which will keep you up to date on that latest campaign happenings. In addition, we have numerous volunteer opportunities and appreciate all who have joined the challenge to elect me as your new sheriff in 2012.

With gratitude,

Lt. Mike Stauffer

Visit Stauffer's campaign website by clicking here.

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