Joe Arpaio Claims Conspiracy Led to Rick Romley's County Attorney Appointment

It was just announced that former Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley will serve out the rest of Andrew Thomas' term as county attorney and Sheriff Joe Arpaio's apparently having a shit-fit about it.

Arpaio's so bent out of shape over the idea that he's threatening legal action.

"Romley's appointment to interim County Attorney will be a financial catastrophe for county taxpayers in the number of untold lawsuits needed to sort out his numerous and admitted conflicts of interest," Arpaio says.

Joe Arpaio's talking about "untold" lawsuits!. Look in the mirror, old man. Your office has paid out more for lawsuits against it than all of the other largest counties in America combined. 

America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" seems so scared of the idea of not having -- as Paul Rubin put it best last week -- "a sycophantic yes-man for a bully of a sheriff," that he's dreamed up a web of conspiracy theories to explain the appointment.

Here's an excerpt of the sheriff's press release:

The Sheriff's Office has also learned of potential back door deal making between Romley and members of the Board of Supervisors which indicates that the other three candidates in the running for the interim job might each receive a new position inside the County Attorney's Office all to appease the political concerns of the Board members.

But of greater concern is something else that has come to light. Sources tell Sheriff's officials that Romley and the Board members have potentially agreed that in exchange for his appointment, Romley will unilaterally dismiss or at the very least, interfere with, all legal actions against the Board.

Before the announcement of Romley's appointment, Arpaio's office said, "If the Board is so irresponsible as to appoint Rick Romley to county attorney, the Sheriff's Office will file immediate legal action to prevent Romley from interfering or attempting to dismantle any current criminal or civil action against Board members."

Good luck, Joe.

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