Joe Arpaio, Don't Cry: Feathered Bastard's Back Monday

Sadly, I am away till Monday on a trip planned long ago, and will not be able to blog regularly till I'm back in town.

For continuing coverage of Paul Penzone's bid to replace our octogenarian autocrat, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, please consult my colleague Matt Hendley's reports on New Times' Valley Fever blog.

Apparently, the Arpaio camp has gone nuclear, and has purchased air time to attack Penzone on an incident from 2003 involving his ex-wife, which I first wrote about in July.

I haven't seen the ad yet, but you can be certain that just like the attacks lobbed by Republican-turned-Independent spoiler-wannabe Mike Stauffer and his screw-loose functionary DeeDee Blase, it will be chock full of lies.

The mere fact Arpaio's camp is going the Blase route indicates Arpaio is in BIG trouble. I suspect this ad has been in the can for some time. The release of poll numbers showing Penzone 4.7 points behind Arpaio no doubt prompted this salvo by Joe.

Don't get it twisted. Joe is on the run. And Blase and Stauffer are assisting his campaign, each in their own way. If they're not getting paid for what they're doing, they should be.

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