Joe Arpaio During Andrew Thomas Hearing: Senile, Or Full of S**t?

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio testified -- under oath -- yesterday during the state Bar disciplinary hearing for disgraced former County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

As our colleague Stephen Lemons points out in his story on the hearing, it was a performance "worthy of a Mafia don."

See Lemons' story here.

Arpaio claims he doesn't remember a damn thing about investigations into various county officials. All of that stuff was left to his shamed former chief deputy, Dave Hendershott -- according to Arpaio, that is.

Obviously, it seems odd that Arpaio, the guy running the show at the MCSO for nearly 20 years, had no clue what his top-deputy Hendershott was up to. However, his claim that he doesn't remember anything could make sense -- at 79, his memory seems to be slipping a bit. See exhibit A here.

We want to know what you think, though: is Arpaio senile, a liar, or just so full of shit he doesn't even know when he's lying and when he's telling the truth.
Cast your vote below.

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James King
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